FxPro India Review

FxPro is a prominent brokerage firm that is available in India, among many other countries. This global online broker, known for its trustworthy and efficient services, offers trading options in various financial markets such as forex, indices, futures, shares, and cryptocurrencies. FxPro is celebrated for its advanced trading platforms and tools and is recognized for its transparency and commitment to providing excellent customer service. Furthermore, it’s regulated by several international authorities, ensuring a secure trading environment for its clients. The broker is highly recommended for both novice and experienced traders in India. In this FxPro India review, we will learn more about the broker’s features, pros and cons, and more.

FxPro India Review

FxPro Account Types

  • Standard Account: The standard account type at FxPro India is perfect for both beginner and experienced traders. It offers the user the ability to trade in a wide variety of markets including forex, indices, shares, metals, and futures. The standard account also offers a user-friendly interface, advanced charting tools, and access to educational resources. The minimum deposit to open a standard account is $100, making it accessible to a wide range of traders.
  • Raw+ Account: The Raw+ account is designed for more advanced traders who require a more dynamic trading environment. This account type offers tighter spreads and a commission-based pricing structure. The Raw+ account also provides access to higher liquidity, faster execution speeds, and advanced trading tools. Traders with this account type can also expect premium customer support. The minimum deposit is $1000.
  • Elite Account: The Elite account is the premium account type offered by FxPro India. It is designed for high-volume professional traders and offers the most competitive spreads and commissions. Perks of this account type include priority customer service, a dedicated account manager, and access to exclusive trading tools and research. The minimum deposit required to open an Elite account is $30,000, reflecting its premium status. This account type may also offer additional benefits such as lower transaction costs and access to exclusive events.

FxPro Demo Account

The FxPro Demo Account is a remarkable feature provided by FxPro, a global forex broker. This account is designed to give potential traders the opportunity to experiment and familiarize themselves with the trading platform before investing real money. The demo account mimics the live trading environment, providing access to live forex rates, charts, and real-time market updates. It allows users to practice trading strategies and understand the dynamics of forex trading without any financial risk. FxPro Demo Account is an excellent learning tool for both novice and experienced traders aiming to refine their trading skills and strategies.


Available Financial Instruments in FxPro India

  • Forex: FxPro India offers forex trading, which allows traders to speculate on the price movements of foreign currencies. Forex trading is one of the most popular forms of financial trading due to its 24-hour market, high liquidity, and potential for significant returns.
  • Futures: Futures are financial contracts obligating the buyer to purchase an asset or the seller to sell an asset at a predetermined future date and price. FxPro India offers futures trading for commodities, currencies, indices, and other financial instruments.
  • Indices: Indices are a measurement of the price performance of a group of shares from a specific exchange. Trading indices with FxPro India allows traders to speculate on whether these groups of shares will rise or fall, without having to trade individual shares.
  • Shares: With FxPro India, you can invest in shares of various companies. Shares represent a portion of ownership in a company and constitute a claim on a part of the company’s assets and earnings.
  • Metals: Trading in metals such as gold, silver, platinum, and others can be a way to diversify your investment portfolio. FxPro India offers trading options for various precious and industrial metals.
  • Energy: FxPro India allows you to trade in energy commodities like oil, natural gas, etc. These commodities are critical to the global economy and their prices can be influenced by global economic and political events.
  • Cryptocurrencies: With the increasing popularity of digital currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others, FxPro India provides opportunities to trade in various cryptocurrencies. This can provide the potential for high returns but also carries significant risk due to the volatility of these digital currencies.


FxPro is a leading global forex broker that offers various trading platforms for traders in India. These trading platforms provide the necessary tools and resources to engage effectively in forex trading.

  • FxPro MetaTrader 4 (FxPro MT4): This is one of the most popular trading platforms worldwide, known for its user-friendly interface, advanced charting capabilities, and algorithmic trading tools. It offers a wide range of tools including over 50 technical indicators and easy-to-read interactive charts.
  • FxPro MetaTrader 5 (FxPro MT5): This is an upgraded version of the MetaTrader 4 platform and offers additional features. It is designed for trading currency, futures, and also CFDs. It provides more timeframes, advanced tools for technical analysis, more pending order types, and a built-in economic calendar.
  • FxPro cTrader: This platform is designed for forex trading and CFDs. It offers advanced trading functions and superior order execution. It features a user-friendly interface, rapid order execution capabilities, and a vast range of charting tools.
  • FxPro Platform: This is the broker’s proprietary trading platform. It is web-based and does not require any downloads. It offers full market depth, algorithmic strategies, and advanced charting tools. It is compatible with various devices and operating systems.
  • FxPro Trading App: This is a mobile application that allows traders to access their accounts and trade on the go. It is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. This app provides real-time market updates, advanced charting tools, and a variety of trading instruments.

Each of these platforms is equipped with a variety of tools and features designed to enhance the trading experience. They offer a range of instruments for trading including forex, futures, and CFDs. FxPro also provides exceptional customer support to assist traders with any issues or queries they may have regarding the platforms.

FxPro India Trading Platforms

News and Analysis

This feature provides the latest news and updates related to the financial markets. It helps traders stay informed about market trends, economic indicators, and major global events that could impact their trading strategies.

  • Economic Calendar: This is a tool that lists all the important economic events and indicators that can influence the financial markets. It includes events like GDP releases, interest rate decisions, and employment data from around the world. Traders can use this calendar to plan their trades around these events and anticipate market movements.
  • Earnings Calendar: This calendar lists the dates when companies are scheduled to release their earnings reports. Earnings reports often cause significant changes in the prices of a company’s stocks, so traders can use this calendar to plan their stock trades.
  • Market Holidays: This tool lists all the public holidays in different countries when the financial markets will be closed. Traders can use this information to plan their trades and avoid trading on days when market activity might be lower than usual.
  • FxPro Market News: This feature provides real-time news updates about the global financial markets. It keeps traders informed about the latest trends, market movements, and financial news.
  • Technical Analysis by Trading Central: Trading Central is a leading provider of investment research and financial market commentary. FxPro offers technical analysis by Trading Central to help traders make informed decisions. These analyses provide in-depth insights into market trends, price patterns, and other technical indicators.

FxPro trader’s Tools

This feature provides a range of tools and resources to enhance your trading experience. These tools include technical analysis indicators, charting tools, and other resources that can help identify potential trading opportunities.

  • Trader’s Dashboard: The Trader’s Dashboard is a user-friendly interface that provides an overview of your trading activity. It displays key information such as current open positions, account balance, margin level, and more. It’s a great tool for keeping track of your trading performance and managing your trades effectively.
  • FxPro Calculators: FxPro provides a range of calculators to assist in your trading decisions. These include a pip calculator, a margin calculator, a swap calculator, and more. These calculators can help you understand the potential risks and rewards of different trades, helping you make more informed decisions.
  • FxPro VPS: The FxPro Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a service that allows you to run your trading platforms and automated trading algorithms 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without needing to keep your computer on. This can provide more stability and reliability for your trading, especially if you’re using automated trading strategies. The VPS service is available for a fee, but it can be a worthwhile investment for serious traders.

FxPro Deposit Methods

FxPro trading platform offers various deposit options for traders in India. These options are designed to cater to the diverse needs of their clients and to provide them with a seamless trading experience. Below are the deposit options available:

  • Credit/Debit Cards: This is one of the most common deposit methods available. FxPro accepts all major credit and debit cards. The process is simple, quick, and convenient, and most importantly, it is secure.
  • Bank Transfers: FxPro also accepts deposits made through bank transfers. This method is highly reliable and suitable for large transactions. However, it may take a few days for the funds to reflect in your trading account.
  • E-Wallets: FxPro offers a variety of e-wallet options for deposits. These digital wallets provide a secure and fast way to transfer funds. Some of the e-wallet options available include PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, and UnionPay.
  • Cryptocurrencies: For traders interested in using digital currencies, FxPro accepts deposits in various cryptocurrencies. This provides an opportunity for traders to capitalize on the growing popularity of digital currencies.
  • FxPro Wallet: This is a unique feature offered by FxPro. The FxPro Wallet allows you to keep your funds in one place and transfer them to your trading account when needed. This helps in better fund management and reduces the potential risks associated with trading.

In conclusion, FxPro offers a wide range of deposit options to its clients in India. This shows their commitment to providing a flexible and user-friendly trading environment. It is also important to note that all these transactions are carried out in a secure manner to ensure the safety of client funds. The FxPro minimum deposit amount varies per account type.

    FxPro India Payment Methods

    FxPro Withdrawal Options

    FxPro offers a variety of withdrawal options to cater to the needs of its clients. The options available include:

    • Credit/Debit Cards: FxPro accepts all major credit and debit cards for withdrawals. The processing time for this method is generally around 1-2 business days, although it can take longer depending on the card provider. There is no minimum withdrawal amount specified for this method.
    • Bank Transfers: This is another common withdrawal method available. It involves transferring funds directly to your bank account. The processing time for bank transfers is typically 2-3 business days. However, it is important to note that some banks may charge a fee for this service. The minimum withdrawal amount for bank transfers is usually higher than other methods, but it varies from bank to bank.
    • E-Wallets: FxPro also allows withdrawals through various e-wallets, including PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, and others. These e-wallets often process withdrawals instantly or within 24 hours. The minimum withdrawal amount for e-wallets is usually low or non-existent, making it a convenient option for smaller transactions.
    • Cryptocurrencies: With the growing popularity of digital currencies, FxPro also offers withdrawals in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. The processing time for these types of withdrawals can vary, but it’s usually around 1-2 days. The minimum withdrawal amount will depend on the current value of the cryptocurrency.
    • FxPro Wallet: FxPro also offers its own wallet service for withdrawals. This can be a convenient option for those who frequently trade with FxPro, as it allows for quick and easy transfers. The processing time and minimum withdrawal amount for the FxPro wallet would depend on the specific terms and conditions of the service.

    It’s always recommended to check with FxPro directly for the most accurate and up-to-date information on withdrawal options, processing times, and FxPro minimum withdrawal amounts.

    Education Resources

    FxPro broker offers an extensive range of educational resources for Indian traders. These resources are designed to enhance the trading skills and knowledge of both novice and experienced investors. Here are some of the key educational resources provided by FxPro for Indian traders:

    • Online Trading Courses: A range of online trading courses that cover all aspects of trading, from basic concepts to advanced strategies. These courses are designed to equip traders with useful knowledge and practical skills they need to trade successfully.
    • Webinars: FxPro conducts regular webinars hosted by industry experts. These webinars are a great platform for traders to gain insights into market trends, trading strategies, and risk management techniques.
    • E-books: A selection of e-books that cover various trading topics. These e-books can help traders understand complex trading concepts in a simplified and easily digestible format.
    • Market Analysis: FxPro offers daily market analysis, providing traders with up-to-date information on market trends and movements. This information can help traders make informed trading decisions.
    • Tutorials: Provides a series of step-by-step tutorials that guide traders through the process of using their trading platform and tools. These tutorials can be very helpful for beginners who are still unfamiliar with the platform.
    • Glossary: FxPro has a detailed glossary of trading terms. This can be an invaluable resource for beginners who are still learning the lingo of the trading world.
    • FAQ Section: FxPro’s FAQ section provides answers to common questions about trading, the platform, and the services offered by FxPro. This can be a quick and handy resource for traders with queries.

    In conclusion, FxPro trading platform provides a comprehensive suite of educational resources to help Indian traders enhance their trading knowledge and skills. These resources can be very beneficial for anyone looking to succeed in the world of online trading.

    Is FxPro legal in india?

    FxPro is a fully authorized and regulated broker in India, providing a reliable and secure platform for various trading activities. With its operations regulated by several international regulatory bodies, it ensures that its services adhere to the strictest of standards. FxPro offers a wide range of trading options, including forex, indices, futures, shares, and precious metals, making it a versatile choice for traders in India. This broker also offers advanced trading tools and educational resources that aid in making informed trading decisions. Therefore, FxPro is a trustworthy and legal option for individuals and businesses in India interested in trading on the global financial markets.

    Is FxPro safe to trade with in India?

    FxPro is safe to use for trading in India. It is regulated by several major financial authorities globally, including the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK and the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC), ensuring a high level of security and protection for its users. FxPro uses advanced security measures like SSL encryption to safeguard the data and funds of its clients. Furthermore, it maintains segregated client accounts to keep users’ funds separate from the company’s own funds, providing an extra layer of security. Therefore, Indian traders can confidently trade with FxPro, knowing their investments are well-protected.

    FxPro India Review – Conclusion

    The FxPro India review concludes that it is a commendable platform for forex trading. It stands out for its high level of transparency, advanced trading tools, and outstanding customer service. FxPro broker offers competitive spreads and a wide range of trading instruments, making it a suitable choice for both beginners and experienced traders. The platform is also regulated by top-tier financial authorities, ensuring a secure trading environment. However, potential users need to consider the fact that forex trading always carries a risk, and thus, they should trade responsibly. Overall, FxPro India provides a solid and reliable platform for forex trading.