Commodity Trading in India

The Indian commodity market is one of the world's largest and most dynamic trading markets, and it plays a major role in the global commodities market by trading a wide range of commodities in both domestic and international markets. Traders have been engaging in commodity trading in India for centuries, trading in various commodities like grains, spices, metals, and energy. In recent years, the Indian commodity market has experienced a surge in activity, and more and more traders are entering...

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Auto trading myths in binary options trading

Some binary option traders think that - they can become rich overnight by trading with Binary option robots and auto trading robots. Before we discuss any further on this topic, can you answer the following few questions. Why some stranger in the market would sell you an software which can make million dollar profit for few bucks? If that software could make millions, why not the seller open multiple accounts with multiple brokers and make billions of dollar? Same thing applies to the trading...

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